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About Us

2022-04-30 09:33

        We are a Chinese jewelry company. We have started jewelry production since 2004. We have our own jewelry factory and our own sales team, with about 260 people. Most of our products are sold in European and American countries.
1. Some of our products are in stock to meet the needs of e-commerce customers. For example, Amazon, Wal Mart, eBay, wish, Etsy, etc., or customers' own website sales.
2. At the same time, we also accept customization. Some customers need to customize their own products. We have our own professional team to deal with customers' customized orders.
3. In China, we have many cooperative foreign trade companies. If you have cooperative foreign trade companies in China, you can also contact us through them.
4. As for product packaging, we only provide conventional general packaging, we do not provide brand packaging, and customers can change the packaging according to their own brand. If need us to customize your brand packaging, you need to provide brand authorization to us. At the same time,  may need to provide relevant information at the customs and you maybe pay more tariffs.
5,We ship by Express: ePacket, USPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, etc. 
6,We mainly use PAYPAL for the payment, but we also have other methods like TT. 
7,Maybe you think our website is not professional. We mainly provide products and services. Website construction is not our specialty. Of course, we also have our own programmers who will constantly improve the website.

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